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Access Services

Closed Captioning, HoH, SDH, and AD

Access to media for the hard of hearing or visually impaired individuals
is beginning to be treated as a basic human right by media regulators worldwide.
Assistive Technologies enable people with hearing and visual impairments
to gain access to media content.

There are 3 main access services for the hearing impaired:

· Closed Captioning (CC)
· Subtitles for the Hard of Hearing (HoH)
· Subtitles for the deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (SDH)

For the visually impaired, an audio description (AD) is recorded
and made available as a separate audio track that can be selected by the viewer.

In addition to closed captioning services, we provide the following access services:

· Live closed captioning services
· Offline captioning (Closed Captioning, Hard of Hearing, and SDH)
· Audio Description/Descriptive video

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